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Easy Ways to Get Ready for Preschool

For many parents with students gearing up for preschool, it can be stressful to ensure it all goes smoothly. If your child's first day of preschool is coming up, use these tips to get them ready for it.

Focus on Independence

It's not uncommon for parents to...

Easy Ways to Keep Your Child Motivated

Staying motivated through the entire school year can be challenging, especially at the midyear point. If your child has hit a slump, use these tips to keep them going.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

No matter what, you must avoid negative comments or a...

Strategies to Teach Your Child to Read

If your child is just learning to read, this can be exciting but also very frustrating. You may expect your child to improve by leaps and bounds, but that isn't realistic. This takes time and practice, so don't get impatient. Use the tips below to help your...

Encourage Your Child to Get Moving

Exercise may not sound like something your child wants to do, but it's important that they get some physical activity daily. To ensure they stay fit, use these tips to help them enjoy participating in physical activities.

Get Active as a Family

Your child may...

Detect Stress in Your Child

Feeling stressed while going through school isn't uncommon. However, this stress can get out of control and cause your child serious troubles. If you suspect your child is feeling overwhelmed, look out for these signs.

Acting Out

When a student is feeling overwhelmed...

Teach Your Child to Use an Academic Planner

If your child already has an academic planner, but they tend to ignore it, they could really be missing out on a great tool. Be sure your child gets the most out of their planner by teaching them to use it with these tips.

Write Down Important Dates


Get Ready for a Successful School Year

As the new school year starts, students can start to feel the stress of it already. To ensure your child has a great year, help them prepare for it all. Use these tips to ensure they have a productive and stress-free year.

Set Some New Goals

In order to...

How to Have a Great Summer Break

During the summer, many students can have a hard time staying productive. While it may be easier to sleep in and waste the day, they may regret this at the end of their break. To help your child stay productive, use these tips.

Start With Some Goals

It's never...

How to Successfully Take a Test Online

Your child may be used to taking tests in class, but taking them online can throw them off. To help your child do their best on their next online test, teach them these tips.

Set up Your Space

Before they start their test, remind your child to set up their...

Use the Summer to Prepare for College

Graduating from high school is an exciting time in a student's life. Not only are they now done with high school, but it also means they are on their way to college. The summer before their first year of college may seem like a time to relax, but there are...


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