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Help Your Child Regain Their Focus

Many children struggle to focus on their homework or studying after a long day of school, and who can blame them? The last thing you want to do after a day full of academics is more academic work. Nevertheless, homework and studying are important, so it's best...

How to Ensure Your Child Gets Plenty of Sleep Every Night

Although the majority of students would love to get the recommended amount of sleep every night, they often don't, thanks to the piles of homework and studying they have to get done. While it may not seem like a big deal to give up an...

How to Find an Effective Tutor

Enrolling your child in tutoring may sound a bit risky because you never know how effective it will be at getting them to their academic goals. To ensure your child gets the help they need you will have to rely on their tutor to get the job done.



How to Help Your Child Develop Better Oral Reading Skills

Reading out loud in class can turn into a real stressor for many students if they're not confident in their reading abilities. To help your child develop their reading skills and confidently read to their class, use these simple tips.



Stay Productive This Winter Break

While it may be tempting for your child to spend their winter break sleeping in and endlessly scrolling through their social media accounts, encourage them to use this time to get ahead. Use these tips to ensure they make the most of their free time this winter...

Tips to Help Your Child Study More Effectively

It's never too late to improve your study methods. In fact, investing some time into developing new study techniques can be extremely useful in the long term. Help your child make the most of their studying with these simple study tips.

Set up a...


How Your Child Can Benefit from Tutoring

There are a number of reasons why a parent may decide tutoring is a great option for their child. Whether it's because their child is falling behind in a certain class or because their child needs something more challenging to keep them engaged in their...
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