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Help Your High School Student Become a Better Writer

High school students will find themselves writing plenty of essays during their last few years of school. Whether they're working on a class essay or on one that could guarantee them a college scholarship, there are a few things they can do to make their essay the best. Check out these tips that can help your child write a great essay.

Give the Essay a Structure

To start, your child should identify what type of essay they're writing. Some essays will need to be short and will be limited to three paragraphs while others may adopt the five paragraph structure. Once your child knows what structure to give their essay, they will have an easier time planning what they will include in their writing.

Plan Ahead

Now that the structure is clear, it's time for your child to start planning. Before starting to write, encourage your child to create an outline where they can organize their ideas. This outline should include their thesis, the main idea and supporting evidence for each paragraph, and some ideas for the conclusion. Once this is all set, your child should be ready to start writing.

Edit Your Work

Once your child has finished writing their essay, they're not quite done yet. Have them take a break from their essay before going back to proofread it. Once they're satisfied with their work have them ask some of their peers to review their essay for them. Their peers may catch some simple mistakes and can even give them suggestions to strengthen their writing.

After School Tutoring in College Station, TX

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