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Stay Productive This Winter Break

While it may be tempting for your child to spend their winter break sleeping in and endlessly scrolling through their social media accounts, encourage them to use this time to get ahead. Use these tips to ensure they make the most of their free time this winter break.

Take a Winter Class

If your child has a lot of free time this winter break, encourage them to take a winter class. They don't have to take an academic class if they don't want to. In fact, taking a class that allows them to be creative or get in some physical activity can be fun and educational. Look at the classes offered by your local community college or look online for a larger variety of classes that might interest your child.

Focus on College

If your child will be applying to college soon, have them use their winter break to get some college research done. Your child can use this time to look up universities they may be interested in as well as their majors. Winter break is also the perfect time to research scholarship opportunities. Many scholarships require that your child fill out an application and submit some other work such as an essay or portfolio. Why not use this time to get this work done?

Set Some Goals

The new year is just around the corner, which makes winter break the perfect time to set some new goals. Encourage your child to set goals for the new year related to school and their personal life. If your child set school year goals in September, sit down with them to review their progress. Recognize their gains and revise things that aren't quite working out.

Winter Tutoring in College Station, TX

Help your child catch up on missed lessons by enrolling them in tutoring in College Station this winter break. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, College Station TX and get in touch with their tutors. Contact them at (979) 402-1033 to get started.


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