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Tips for Better Penmanship

Messy handwriting isn't something to ignore, especially since it can affect your child's grades. Even if your child has all the right answers for a test or for their homework, if the teacher can't read them then they'll get marked wrong. To avoid these types of issues, help your child improve their handwriting skills with these tips.

Slow Down While Writing

If your child has a hard time reading their own class notes, chances are their teacher is having a hard time understanding their homework. Students who rush through assignments in order to have more free time or who try too quickly to jot down their class notes will often have pages of what looks like chicken scratch in their notebooks. Your child may just need to slow down while writing and pay attention to the letters they're jotting down.

Work on the Grip

The way your child grips their choice of writing utensil can make all the difference. While there is no wrong way to hold a pen or pencil, you do have to be sure your child is gripping theirs comfortably. They shouldn't be dropping their pencil or having to adjust it constantly. If this is the case, work with your child to find a more comfortable way to position their pencil in their hand that also allows them to gain better control over their writing.

Practice Makes Perfect

Handwriting isn't something that students will get perfect the first time they do it. This skill takes practice, so encourage your child to get some practice in at home. For young students, worksheets that allow them to trace over letters can be a huge help. Once they've mastered this, have them practice on lined paper since the lines can help guide their efforts.

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