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Develop Positive Study Habits

Your child may spend hours studying for a test, but if their results don't match their efforts then their study techniques may not be working. Use the following tips to help your child develop better, more effective study habits.

Identify Distractors

If your child is constantly being distracted as they study, they may never absorb the material they're reviewing. In order for their studying to be effective, identify their biggest distractors and remove these from their study space. For many students, technology like cell phones and tablets can cause their attending to wander. In other cases, feeling tired or hungry can cause a lack of focus. Find a way to resolve these distractions for study time that is effective.

Improve Note-Taking Skills

Not having proper notes when it comes time to study can be a real problem. Note taking is a skill that needs to be developed over time, so don't automatically assume that your child is taking the best notes possible. Look into different note-taking methods and have your child try them out until they find one that works for them. Keeping their notebooks tidy and organized will also help a ton.

Make Time to Study

Studying shouldn't be left for the day before a test, but rather it should be done over a longer period of time. Even if your child doesn't have a test coming up, they should still make time to study their notes and lessons daily. When they do have a test coming up, they will know their lessons better, making studying less stressful and less time-consuming.

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