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Tips for Better Class Notes

As your child prepares to take their final exams, they may start to notice that their class notes aren't as helpful as they hoped. This doesn't mean class notes are a waste of time, but rather that your child can improve their note taking technique. Help your child take better notes by teaching them these tricks.

Be Ready for Class

The first tip may sound pretty obvious, but there's more to it than showing up to class with a notebook and pen. Your child should show up a bit early so that they have time to pull out their notebook and pen before the lesson starts. This will ensure they don't miss anything important at the start of the lesson. Being ready also means completing the previous night's homework and assigned reading so that they know what's going on during the lesson.

Listen to the Lecture

Note taking isn't all about writing, it also involves a lot of listening. Your child shouldn't be trying to write down everything their teacher says because then they won't understand the lesson or their notes at all. Instead, have your child focus on listening to the lesson and only write down the most important parts. If they don't understand something, they should raise their hand and ask for clarification.

Share Notes

Sharing is often discouraged in school, but not when it comes to notes. Encourage your child to meet with their friends and compare notes. They can help each other understand the lesson better and fill in gaps in each other's notes.

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