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How to Know If Your Child Is Burned Out

As academics get more and more competitive, it's become quite normal for students to take on heavier workloads. Unfortunately, this can often lead to students taking on too much and suffering from academic burnout. If you suspect your child is feeling...

How Your Child Can Improve Their Grades

Getting great grades isn't an easy task, so it makes sense that students can sometimes struggle with this. If your child is having a hard time getting the grades you know they can achieve, use these tips to help them make the gains they're after.



Tips to Help Your Child Improve Their Mental Math Skills

If your child isn't exactly fond of math, they're not alone. Most students dislike math because it is often the most challenging subject they have to deal with. To help make it a bit more manageable and less stressful, use these tips to...

Tips for Better Penmanship

Messy handwriting isn't something to ignore, especially since it can affect your child's grades. Even if your child has all the right answers for a test or for their homework, if the teacher can't read them then they'll get marked wrong. To avoid these types of issues,...

How to Keep Your Student Motivated at Home

If your child is struggling to stay motivated when it comes to their school lessons, they're not alone. The midpoint of the school year can be tough for many students. To help your child recover their motivation and continue on the right path towards...

The Importance of Teaching Your Child Math at a Young Age

Math is a subject that isn't liked by many, but this is mainly due to its challenging nature. Students who start learning math from a young age have the advantage of creating a solid math foundation that makes new lessons more manageable....

Develop Positive Study Habits

Your child may spend hours studying for a test, but if their results don't match their efforts then their study techniques may not be working. Use the following tips to help your child develop better, more effective study habits.

Identify Distractors

If your child...

Prepare Your Child to Return to Classes

The start of the new school year is just around the corner. While your child may not be excited about this, they still have to prepare in order to have a great start to the year. Before classes are back in session, help your child prepare with these tips.



Fun Summer Activities for Students

If your child has started their summer being bored at home, encourage them to find something fun and educational to fill their days. Below are some examples of activities that can make their summer more fun while working out their brain.

Join a Summer Reading...


Tips for Better Class Notes

As your child prepares to take their final exams, they may start to notice that their class notes aren't as helpful as they hoped. This doesn't mean class notes are a waste of time, but rather that your child can improve their note taking technique. Help your child...


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