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Strategies to Teach Your Child to Read

If your child is just learning to read, this can be exciting but also very frustrating. You may expect your child to improve by leaps and bounds, but that isn't realistic. This takes time and practice, so don't get impatient. Use the tips below to help your child improve day by day.

Read Out Loud

Since your child is just learning to sound out words and identify letters, it's important that they do this out loud so you can hear them and help them. When reading a book, have them read it to you so that they can practice things like pronunciation and rhythm. Be sure to also take a turn reading to them so that they can hear your example and follow it.

Review the Same Books

It may sound counterproductive to read the same books multiple times, but this can really help your child's reading skills. As they improve their skills, they'll be able to read these books more fluidly and with more expression and rhythm. They'll even start to recognize letter combinations and words, making it easier for them to read other books. This can also boost their confidence as they see their own progress.

Take Your Time

As mentioned above, learning to read takes time. You'll see your child improving as they grow older, so it's not a one-time thing to learn to read. Be patient and don't push them too hard since this can make them dislike reading.

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