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How to Have a Great Summer Break

During the summer, many students can have a hard time staying productive. While it may be easier to sleep in and waste the day, they may regret this at the end of their break. To help your child stay productive, use these tips.

Start With Some Goals

It's never too late to set new goals, no matter how much time is left in their break. If they only have a few weeks left, help your child set some goals they can complete in that time. Their goals should all be SMART goals so that they can plan them perfectly and keep track of their progress. It's not a bad idea for you to also set some goals so you can check in on each other.

Get Responsibilities out of the Way

Older students often have summer homework they have to complete before the start of the school year. If your child has some assignments to complete, encourage them to start early. Check in on their progress so that you know they're working away at it. The sooner they get it done, the sooner they get to really relax and enjoy their break.

Do Something New

Summer is also a great time to learn new skills and try new things. Since your child will have more free time than usual, encourage them to use this time to challenge themselves. Now is a great time to cross things off their bucket list, from starting to learn a new language to taking a dance class.

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