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How to Help Your Child Develop Better Oral Reading Skills

Reading out loud in class can turn into a real stressor for many students if they're not confident in their reading abilities. To help your child develop their reading skills and confidently read to their class, use these simple tips.

Read to your Child

Reading is an activity that takes time to develop, but it's much easier if you introduce your child to it early on. Even before your child can read, it's a great idea to read to them. This can help them get more comfortable with reading and may even help them develop reading skills at a very young age. They may not be reading chapter books by the time they're four, but they may develop the skills to identify letters and associate them with sounds.

Read Together

Once your child is a bit older and is starting to read, take some time to listen to them read daily. Have them practice reading out loud to you so that they get more comfortable doing it. If they struggle with certain words while reading, stop them and help them master their pronunciation skills. Once they are able to pronounce the word correctly, have them repeat the entire sentence so that they don't forget what they were reading.

Ask Reading Questions

Once you're done reading for the day, follow up with reading questions. Ask your child about the plot of the story or the characters just to be sure they understood what they read. This can help ensure they aren't just reading the words without understanding the text.

Reading Tutoring in College Station, TX

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