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Teach Your Child to Use an Academic Planner

If your child already has an academic planner, but they tend to ignore it, they could really be missing out on a great tool. Be sure your child gets the most out of their planner by teaching them to use it with these tips.

Write Down Important Dates

Using a planner can make it much easier to keep track of important dates throughout the school year. Remind your child to ask their teachers for important dates they should keep track of, such as midterms, finals, and other important deadlines or exams. By having these written in their planner, your child won't be caught off guard by them and will be able to plan ahead better.

Plan for the Week Ahead

Since your child will have important dates written down in their planner, they can plan ahead on the weekends. They can take some time during the weekend to look at what they have coming up and start prioritizing and mentally preparing for the week. They can even write down some goals to keep them on the right track.

Keep Track of Commitments

Finally, your child can keep track of more than just academics in their planner. They can keep track of other extracurricular activities and commitments so that they can plan with these in mind and not get overwhelmed.

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